Push The Colors

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Gameplay Overview of Push The Colors

Embark on the Push The Colors journey featuring vibrant squares, hurdles, and color barriers in an exciting 2-player casual game! Discover diverse costumes throughout your adventure, maneuver the cubes to reach the goal, and face off against the colossal foe awaiting at the end! Accumulate more cubes to bolster your strength; the greater your number of cubes, the stronger your abilities become. Strategize wisely along your path to augment your cube count and conquer the color monster with sheer force.

How to play?

Player 1:
Move Left/Right: “A and D” or “LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS” (In 1P Mode Only)
Push at the end: “W” or “UP ARROW” (In 1P Mode Only)

Player 2: “ARROW KEYS”
Move Left/Right: “LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS”
Push at the end: “UP ARROW”


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