12 MiniBattles

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Gameplay Overview of 12 MiniBattles

Embark on a variety of exciting games 12 MiniBattles all in one! Whether it’s Golf, Wrestling, Axe Battle, Football, Duels, Soccer Physics, or Mace Battle, there’s something for everyone. For Golf, aim to put the ball in the center hole on the screen three times. In Axe Battle, Mace Battle, and Duels, hit your opponent thrice with your weapon. Duels take place in different settings like the Wild West, ancient times with Vikings, or the Middle Ages with macemen or archers. Grab ammo in the air before your opponent to win the battle.

In the copter mission, save 5 people from the island and transport them to your area. Be the first to save 5 to win. Score 5 points in games like Soccer Physics or Golll to claim victory. In the wrestling game, maintain your balance and make your opponent fall on their back three times to win. Gather your friends and dive into these super two-player games. Call them now and let the super fun and exciting games begin!

Game controls

Player 1: “A”
Player 2: “L”

You can control the game by touch controls on mobile devices.


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