House of Hazards

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Gameplay Overview of House of Hazards

Escape the House of Hazards as swiftly as you can! Your typical morning routine involves going to the bathroom, grabbing a cup of coffee, tending to the flowers, and checking the mailbox before heading to work. However, be wary of various hazards and obstacles that pose challenges at every step. Watch out for surprise attacks from the kitchen cabinet door and toaster or unexpected hazards like swings and toys in the garden.

Throughout the house, danger awaits in the form of hazards, testing your agility and reflexes. Your ultimate objective is to leave the house quickly, dodging all obstacles in your path. As you successfully navigate through the hazards, you have the chance to unlock new characters with each improved score. Challenge yourself, avoid the dangers, and aim for the fastest escape from the House by avoiding hazards and obstacles.

Game Controls

Jump: “W”
Move left and right: “A, D”
Crouch and Fire: “S”

Jump: “I”
Move left and right: “J, L”
Crouch and Fire: “K”


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