MX OffRoad Mountain Bike

Gameplay Overview of MX OffRoad Mountain Bike

In the MX OffRoad Mountain Bike game, ride through amazing mountain areas. Navigate steep slopes, ramps, bridges, and tricky rocky paths to showcase your skills. Unlock new bikes after finishing 15 unique levels. On the Free Ride map, gather coins and diamonds to purchase cool cyclist clothes, keychains, and helmets from the Bike Store. Upgrade your gear and conquer the challenging terrains!

Game Controls


PLAYER 2: “W, A, S, D”

*Use the re-spawn button with MOUSE if the bike gets stuck anywhere.

Game Features

  • 15 unique maps with different challenges
  • Two Player game mode for race with friend
  • 4 different MTB models!
  • Unlock new items from the Bike Store for customizing
  • Different air conditions (sunny, foggy, snowy, stormy)
  • Huge free ride map
  • It’s a realistic Bike game.
  • Boost huge tricks, epic crashes, and crazy downhill action!

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