Stick Wars

Stick Wars Gameplay Overview

Welcome to Territory War! The game operates with turn-based action, pitting two teams against each other. The screen shows team names, players on the field, and collective team health. Details about the current active player are also visible.

Here are your game options:

  1. Quit Game: Exit the game.
  2. View Map: Check out the game map.

During your turn, you can:

  1. Move: Choose to relocate within a limited range.
  2. Stay: If you’re done moving.

After your move, attack options will appear. Use keyboard shortcuts for quick access (look for the numbers in the top left).

  • Grenades: Inflict heavy damage, reaching distant targets.
  • Gun: Precision is key—aim for an instant kill headshot.
  • Boot: Causes minimal damage but can knock opponents off the stage for an instant kill.

Unlock more stages and items by completing missions and challenges. That’s all you need to start playing. Enjoy!


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